BBAC 2011: Day Four

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They're inexpensive. They arrive smelling vaguely of formaldehyde. They're softer than brushes from BE, about as soft as the brushes I've tried from EcoTools, and sometimes (but not always) as soft as the brushes I have from Sigma, and I can't really comare them to MAC brushes because I only have two MAC makeup brushes. What am I babbling about? It's ELF's Studio Brush Set. I forget when I first got these, but I do remember that I got them on sale - so that if they sucked, I wouldn't have blown too much money on them.

BBAC 2011: Day Four

As it turns out, this is a fairly decent set of brushes. They travel well, and there's only one brush in there that's not very useful to me: the fan brush. (I'll probably figure out how to use that in six or seven years.) The rest are really nice, a good assortment, and a great value. Generally this set of ten black-handled brushes goes for $30, but if you keep your eyes open for F&F and various other sales you can get it for as low as $15 - or, $1.50 per brush, with a free zip-closure soft-sided carry case. Not bad. Even if you do need to leave it open somewhere for a day or three, to get rid of the formaldehyde-y smell.

Full review of each brush later. But now you know: decent brushes, great assortment, good value for the non-professional MUE (make up enthusiast.)

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