BBAC 2011: Day Nine

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I'm a huge fan of iridescent and duochrome effects. When I first noticed TKB Trading's Interplanetary Traveller micas, I bought the whole set. And then, on a recent visit to TKB's site, I noticed something new: Moon Dust powders.

BBAC 2011: Day Nine

They look like they're pretty much the same as the Interplanetary Traveller micas, but with a larger particle size - so that they're more of a sparkle effect than the shimmer. They do provide the same duochrome and iridescent effects, though - and there are only five Moon Dust powders, not seven, so not all of the Interplanetary Traveller micas have a representative in this new set. These can be added to eyeshadows, blushes, nail polish, et cetera…but I'm thinking that they could be added to hair oils, used on their own over a damp eye primer…there's a lot of potential to go nuts. And while these are a larger particle size, closer to a sparkle than a shimmer finish, they're still small enough to be usable on eyelids. (Some cosmetic glitters have a large enough particle size that they're either not recommended for, or are outright prohibited from, being used around the eyes.) These samples cost more than other TKB mica samples; but they also don't come in the little plastic baggies. Currently they come in a stack-tower, with those click-turn sifters.

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