BBAC 2011: Day Twenty

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For the longest time, the only makeup I really wore reliably was eyeshadow. Then it was nail polish (occasionally.) Then eyeshadow, nail polish, and maybe a lip gloss. But for whatever reason, lip and cheek color have never been high on my list of things-to-do. Blush actually wasn't really part of my regular routine until 2009, and it's still the item Least Likely To Be Left Off. I think part of that is because I love playing with color - however softly or subdued, compared to some of the bright-shade artists around the blogosphere - and cheeks and lips are most often more subtly or naturally colored.
BBAC 2011: Day Twenty

That being said...I do have some favorites. Bare Escentuals was my most recent reintroduction to makeup. Their loose-powder shadows and blushes, which don't have a shelf life and are less prone to bacterial contamination than pressed powder makeup, were a big hit to me. (This meant that if I suddenly went off of makeup again, then got re-interested in five or six years, I wouldn't have to worry about whether my cosmetics were still safe to use.) My favorite blushes from BE are the bolder pinks like Hot Shot and the cooler shades like Posh. When Meow Cosmetics released their iridescent blushes, I fell hard in love with Canna. It's got just the slight pop of warm red, plus the blue iridescent shimmer. This color is part of a collection that's only available in the summer months...but bless their hearts, Meow brings the collection back every single summer. So while you can't get Canna or its siblings right now, you'll be able to in about six months. Another seasonal favorite (available right now) is Present glow powder. It looks silver-white in the jar, but applies as this amazing sheer silvery-white with pink iridescent glow. It's great for layering over other blushes, or even using as an eye highlighter. It took me a while to get interested in Aromaleigh, but when I finally did, I sampled just about everything they had (and bought a good chunk of it.) I would never have thought that a purple blush might look good on me, but Wildflower (from the old Rocks! Sonic Blush collection) looks amazing with my coloring. I got several full-size jars before Aromaleigh v1 closed its doors. Lost in Makeupland is a newer company, but I've tried a good chunk of the inventory, and found two blushes that I really like. Alive is a delicate pink, almost-but-not-quite invisible...with a red-pink iridescent sheen. My other LiM favorite is But I Like It, a sheer cool dusty mauve that avoids looking "dirty" and sticks to "sophisticated and just different enough to stand out from other blush offerings."

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