BBAC 2011: Day Twenty-Four

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Like many others I was happy to hear that Aromaleigh was re-opening. I got several colors from the Fall Tapestry collection…and Celine quickly became a breakout favorite. I found myself using it a lot for interviews, because it was a good quick “minimal makeup” eye look. (No photos because It's Been A Week, and today I'm actually visiting my parents, so the camera and graphics software are at home.)

BBAC 2011: Day Twenty-Four

Celine has a pretty beige-gold base, with a pink duochrome sheen. The base color is almost a sepiatoned gold, kind of reminiscent of what I imagine might be used in 1920s-style Hollywood couture gowns. The duochrome sheen is a sheer softened magenta that looks really good with my skintone and eye color. I hit the good-fortune jackpot with this one. My last interview look consisted of UDPP, Celine, BE's Round The Clock eyeliner in 10pm (deep plum), Aromaleigh's Sweetheart blush, and Morgana's Amaranth lip color. It was a meeting with an agency rather than an interview for a specific job; but since I stink at networking, I work almost exclusively through agencies. (They do what they do best, I do what I do best.) Still, it is an interview - and since they represent me to the client, I dress just as carefully as if I were going to interview directly with a hiring company. And the above makeup look is quick and elegant.

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