BBAC 2011: Day Two

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Every year, various body shops put out their holiday scented soaps, fragrances, potpourri, et cetera. Many years the same favorites come around and around, with some new introductions. Last year Scrangie tipped me to Yuletide Pear Vanilla, from Bath and Body Works. I bought cautiously - a few mini pocket bacs - and fell in love with the scent. I kept an eye out this year as the holidays approached...but apparently, this scent was introduced in 2009 and only returned to stores one single year!

I hate it when that happens.

BBAC 2011: Day Two

One of the reasons I haven't tried scented items from internet stores is that I'm very picky about what scents I like. I also don't know how to judge scents, from online descriptions. Scented things are definitely something that I personally still have to buy IN PERSON. As intriguing as some of the scent collections from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab sound, I have never actually purchased anything from them. BBW has been my "safe zone" for the longest time - because they're everywhere, they have massive sales, and it's fairly easy for me to stop by a store and smell something before I purchase it. But...when they discontinue a scent that I really love, it hits me hard. White Citrus and Vanilla Bean Noel are nice; but White Tea and Ginger and Yuletide Pear Vanilla are my true loves. And I can't buy them any longer! to Ebay...

What are some scented products that you've loved, that have been discontinued? What made you fall in love with them in the first place?

(If I knew how to add a scratch-and-sniff component to a web page so you folks could smell Yuletide Pear Vanilla, I'd do it in a second. Alas, that technology isn't available. Yet. Wait until we're at HTML 8, and maybe.)

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