BBAC 2012: Day 05 - International beauty goodies

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You know the drill: some really great-looking product is released, half a dozen of your daily reads have the pictures and swatches and loving descriptions…and you find that either it's not available in your country yet, or won't be available in your country at all. (Understandable, still irritating, and less frequent: when a given item outright cannot be shipped to your country because of regulations on ingredients.)

Enter the International Posse: your relatives, good friends, maybe even friends-of-friends whom you can ask to keep an eye out for A or B or 3, buy one for you, and ship it over. And of course, you do the same for them. This past year, Sirvinya and I have DM'ed back and forth: “Ooooooh, Sleek's coming out with a new PPQ palette, can you get me one and I'll pay you back?” “Pls grab me the Maybelline LE color tattoos, could you?” “I've run out of Black Radiance primer, can you send a tube over?”

BBAC 2012: Day 05 - International beauty goodies

This year I've received Sleek's Supreme i-divine palette, a baked blusher and some other goodies from Vivo Cosmetics, UK-edition Color Tattoos, and more. And I've been able to send over Black Radiance, Wet n Wild (can make it through the post only with careful packing), some of LE drugstore items, and one MAC eyeshadow from the Bloggers' collection. (I snagged one when they briefly re-released it. And now of course I've forgotten the name. All I remember is, it was green.) And last year when Sirvinya and I met in Atlanta we each had lots of nail polish to give to the other person! I got a bottle of GOSH holographic, a few polishes by UK-native brands (MUA and George), and some Zoya nail polish, purchased from the UK stockist, that was no longer available from the web site. The very first Sleek palette I received was either Storm or Paraguaya - I honestly can't remember now.

At the end of our Atlanta week in 2011, we half-jokingly started planning for 2013. I say “half-jokingly” because it was actually more like only 1/4 jokingly, 3/4 totally serious. Myself, Sirvinya, and numindan and Drew will all be in Atlanta at DragonCon. And yes, there's more shopping planned!! Over the rest of the year, I'm going to *try* and review all the items that I bought in Atlanta the last time I was there. I have a fairly good start..!

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