BBAC 2012: Day 07 - Something old, something new

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The great thing about the marketplace is once someone builds a great mousetrap, others come along and build the same mousetrap - but slightly different, and cheaper. But hey, look, it also catches mice just like that other one that costs more money. (Sometimes, it does a better job. Win/win!!)

BBAC 2012: Day 07 - Something old, something new

<strong>Goodbye Tarte; hello Revlon</strong>
Tarte's Lipsurgence lip tints are great in several ways. They twist up, meaning you never waste any product during sharpening; they have a fairly broad shade range (in terms of warm, neutral, and cool); they moisturize very well; they don't feel heavy or unpleasant on my lips; they have a light, kind of earthy mint scent. They're also $22 a piece, and many are sheer or semisheer. Enter Revlon's Just Bitten Balmstain. Pencil format? Check. Twist to extend, versus sharpen? Check. Warm, neutral, and cool colors? Check. Moisturizing? Check. No heavy feeling? Check. Earthy mint scent? Check. And also…better color payoff than Lipsurgences. And $9 a piece (less than that, at many places, even without some kind of sale going on.)

<strong>Goodbye Walgreen's; Hello elf</strong>
When I started using makeup remover cloths, I first tried Neutrogena, because I've used Neutrogena for years and trust their product quality. Then one day, on a whim, I tried Walgreen's generic makeup remover wipes. They held together about as well as the Neutrogena ones did, I got the same number of cloths per package, and I paid slightly less for Walgreen's than for Neutrogena. Things were going well until I tried elf's makeup remover wipes. They were sturdier! They removed makeup better! And…my skin didn't sting after a swatching session! The cost per cloth was ever so slightly more (a fraction of a penny more) but to keep my skin healthy and non-irritated, I'll gladly pay that fraction of a penny.

Today I’m giving away three full-size colors from Aromaleigh v2’s Holiday Blast collection: Champagne Toast, Twinkling Lights, and Sneak a Peek. I had bought the Aromaleigh v1 versions of all of these colors, and while they’re extremely close, they’re not exact. Still…you get good quality eyeshadows with plenty of sparkle!!

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