BBAC 2012: Day 13 - the plushest brush in the world

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BBAC 2012: Day 13 - the plushest brush in the world

I purchase my makeup brushes from a number of sources. It all depends on who has the best value for the tool I need - and sometimes, who has the tool I need. eyeslipsface has a great set of general-purpose brushes, and they're very low cost. But that set doesn't have a really good brush for precisely applying cream or gel liners, and the powder brush is a bit harsh. RealTechniques' stippling and powder brushes are both excellent - lovely and soft, allowing for a good deal of control - but RT doesn't have an angled liner brush or a precision gel-liner brush. (Those thin liner brushes that every vendor seems to sell...are Not My Cuppa.) My brush collection includes five different vendors. My brushes may not be all matchy-matchy, but they all do what I need them to do, and I like the results they give me. Thus, I'll check Sephora's brush collection from time to time, both because Sephora makes a very good basic travel set, and because Sephora has a wider range of brushes. (And sometimes, they're on sale for a fairly good price!)</p>

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BBAC 2012: Day 13 - the plushest brush in the world

I've tended to avoid Sephora's Professionel line, because they're priced about the same as MAC brushes. They're dense, soft, and precise - the bristles don't flop all over the place, like eyeslipsface's powder brush does; but Sephora's Professional (now just called “Pro”) line brushes are EXPENSIVE! I had purchased one brush from this line at the full-size price, and stocked up on several more eye and face brushes when the line was recently half price just before a redesign (read: the brushes were given new handles and schmancy plastic brush caps.)

Just recently, I was in Sephora and looking at their brush line when I spotted the All-Over Powder Brush #61. This brush head is about the size of a golf ball. It's incredibly plush, and soft. But…it's also incredibly large. It's intended for applying all-over products like bronzer, body glimmer, what have you. It's too large to apply blush or highlighter. It *might* be usable for applying all-over face color or glow powders, but only if you want absolutely no precision whatsoever. It's just so…SOFT!!! It's two-month-old kitten soft. It's plush-velvet soft.

I can't think of a way that I'd use this more often than twice every year, if that often; so I can't justify the $46 price tag. But…SOFT!!!

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