BBAC 2014: Meet Danielle

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Danielle posts about beauty, style, bargain finds, health, and life in bustling, busy, amazing New York City metro.

BBAC 2014: Meet Danielle

  • How long have you been blogging? What prompted you to start a beauty/lifestyle blog?
    I've been blogging a little over 5 years. I started blogging to chronicle my journey to finding my own sense of personal style. At 36, I found myself in a bit of a style rut.
  • What's been your biggest blogging challenge to overcome?
    Being consistent. I blog part-time and sometimes my full-time job can take precedence over blogging. Eventually I'd like to blog full-time.
  • What's been your greatest blogging success?
    I recently blogged/tweeted about my experience at the symphony and my posts/tweets were retweeted by the symphony, the theater, and my college. I love receiving feedback.
  • What's your favorite holiday memory?
    My first Christmas in my first apartment. I felt like a real grown-up at 26. I cooked an entire dinner for 10 by myself.
  • Do you remember the first beauty item that you were gifted?
    A Barbie eye shadow kit with sky blue, brown, and tan eye shadow. It was horribly chalky but I didn't care. It was makeup and it was Barbie.
  • The first that you purchased?
    Maybelline Shine Free Mascara. It was the 80s. It was popular with teens and it came in electric blue. Yeah I was rocking that electric blue.

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