Beauty from the Earth’s Boysenberry

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  • Manufacturer: Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics
  • Availability: exclusive to the Bring on the Berries kit
  • Color Range: light lilac with blue interference shimmer
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.50 for 1.6 grams; $2.00 for a 1/3 tsp sample jar
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Beauty from the Earth’s Boysenberry

I bought this color, I repotted this color, I left it in the huge backlog, I finally swatched it and fell in love, I went back to the website…only to find that the kit is no longer available.

That'll teach me to let such a huge backlog build up again.

Beauty from the Earth’s Boysenberry

Seriously, though - I love this color. I think this will look good alongside Concrete Minerals' Wicked, which is a deeper shade but otherwise very similar.

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