Beauty from the Earth’s Coffee Shop v2 kit

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Beauty from the Earth’s Coffee Shop v2 kit

BFTE Cosmetics re-opened with a new collection of neutrals. While we wait for the shop to slowly fill up, we’ve got this kit to play with! The theme is similar to the first Coffee Shop kit: four neutrals, ranging in finish. These all look like they’re truly neutral, so they’re fairly universal in terms of who can wear them. Perhaps the darker two colors - with their scattered gold shimmer - lean a tiny bit warm, but not overly so.

Beauty from the Earth’s Coffee Shop v2 kit

This collection contained:

  • Foam on Top — semisheer pale beige matte
  • Java Junkie — gold-flecked ashy beige satin
  • The Last Drop — dark brown with scattered gold shimmer
  • Turkish Coffee — medium brown with scattered gold shimmer

I don't know if Foam on Top is semisheer, or is truly such an exact match for my skintone that I have trouble telling that it's there. I don't know how this would look on deeper skintones, but I'm betting that it would work best as either a blending shade or a subtle highlighter. Java Junkie has ashy undertones and a very sparse gold shimmer, and has good color payoff and coverage. I can see this one being extremely versatile. It may become one of my go-to shades, and the surprise breakout color of this collection. The Last Drop is the darkest shade, a very deep almost black-brown. It can apply more softly, if one wanted to use this for contouring rather than lining. Turkish Coffee is a mid-weight almost-warm brown with faint gold and what looks like reddish shimmer.

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