Beauty from the Earth’s Fall 2012 collection kit

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Beauty from the Earth’s Fall 2012 collection kit

This kit was supposed to be limited-edition, available for a short time only…but it’s still available for purchase. This is a nice color quad, and none of the colors are currently available for individual purchase. I like Sweetgum and Sycamore the best. Sassafrass is the “green” in the group, but it leans more gold than green - at least to my eyes. Silver Maple is a little softer than I personally prefer, but the upside is that for folks who don’t care to wear really strong red eyeshadows, Silver Maple provides an excellent spot of color that won’t overwhelm - even if it’s used as the all-over shade in a given look.

Beauty from the Earth’s Fall 2012 collection kit

When this was first released, it came in a “takeout-box” similar to how the Halloween collections were packaged - and the first 100 boxes (or 200, I can't remember exactly now) had a craft-fabric “leaf” attached to them. It was a cute way to make the packaging special, for the initial release!

This collection contained:

  • Sassafrass
  • Silver Maple
  • Sweetgum
  • Sycamore

Sweetgum is also available in the Jewel Collection 16-piece sample set, but I don't know if that means that the color (or all of them) might eventually be available for individual purchase. As of January 2013, none of the other colors are available for individual purchase.

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