Beauty from the Earth’s Pro Eye Shadows collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics
  • Availability: from the company's webstore
  • Contains: 18 eyeshadows (and counting)
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.50 per 1.2-gram jar (full size); $1 per sample
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Beauty from the Earth’s Pro Eye Shadows collection

The main difference between the Pro shades and the regular Mineral Shadows line is the ingredients. While the regular mineral shadows are the fairly standard mica / titanium dioxide / iron oxide / magnesium stearate / silica ingredient list found - in varying percentages, and with one or two other nonsynthetic ingredients depending on the exact shade) in just about any mineral shadow on the market, the Pro colors’ ingredient list can include lakes, chromium oxide green, ferric ferrocyanide, and preservatives. No outright harmful or dangerous ingredients to the majority of the population, just ingredients that cause skin irritation in some people and ingredients that others prefer to minimize or avoid for one reason or another. All of the current Pro colors are marked as not being intended for use on the lips, while very few of the regular-line Mineral eyeshadows carry this notice.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Beauty from the Earth’s Pro Eye Shadows collection

In addition to the lakes and ultramarines used to produce more vivid, intense colors, the waxes used in the Pro colors are to increase adhesion without causing the shadow to clump up. People with any chemical sensitivities may want to buy a sample first and patch-test, or simply avoid these Pro colors. The regular Mineral line has an incredibly variety of shades and finishes, so while you may not specifically be able to buy Guilty Pleasures, you can buy Gold Digger - a limited-release shadow which is not part of the Pro formulation group.

I have about ten of the shades (three from the 2012 Halloween collection that were later made permanent) and while the colors are pretty rich, the regular Mineral Shadows line has some equally saturated shades. The Pro line currently has no pastels or mattes, and only one "softer" shade (Full Moon Rising is a soft warm-neutral.)

The bit about preservatives concerns me slightly - after all, I use 99.5% loose mineral eyeshadows and blushes because they won't ever go off or bad, and use of preservatives seems to indicate that these shadows may have a lifespan - but I have not yet noticed any problems. (Of course, I've only been buying BFTE for about a year. I'll update this post in 2016, with notes specifically about my pro colors. Though even after four years, that may not be enough time for any potential problems to show up.)

This collection contained:

  • Denebola — faded-denim blue frost
  • Emerald Bliss — emerald with gold shimmer(introduced for IMATS LA 2013)
  • Full Moon Rising — soft cream-gold shimmer (introduced in the Halloween 2012 kit)
  • Guilty Pleasures — medium-deep gold-brown sparkle (introduced in the Halloween 2012 kit)
  • Lotus — slightly taupe-pink with gold shimmer (introduced for IMATS LA 2013)
  • Meissa — medium-deep teal-green shimmer
  • Nekkar — gilded grass-green pearl
  • Okul — semisheer sun-yellow shimmer
  • Orionis — chartreuse-green shimmer
  • Poodle Pandemonium — cool magenta-pink with sparse gold shimmer (introduced for IMATS LA 2013)
  • Sinister Instincts — dark grey sparkle (introduced in the Halloween 2012 kit)
  • Ushkaron — orange-yellow shimmer
  • Vega — medium-dark indigo blue with pink and silver shimmer
  • Zaniah — raspberry-pink shimmer
  • Draconis — medium tangerine shimmer
  • Hydrobius — bright blue shimmer
  • Kastra —
  • Kras — medium emerald shimmer
  • Errai — (discontinued in 2013)

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