Beauty from the Earth’s Rainbow Palette kit

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  • Manufacturer: Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics
  • Availability: from the company's webstore
  • Contains: 16 eyeshadow samples
  • Cost/Amount: USD$29.00 for sixteen 1.2-gram jars
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Beauty from the Earth’s Rainbow Palette kit

I steered clear of this kit and most of these colors, because about a third of them are unblended micas - that is, they’re the exact same as micas you might buy from a wholesaler like TKB Trading, but these have some sericite mica or base mixed in to help with adhesion. All of the unblended micas are clearly labeled, but they’re not lower priced than the regular shadows.

I ended up getting a few of these colors in full size - even a few of the ones labeled as unblended micas - because the colors looked good enough. But I didn’t get all of them. (Hence the near-last-minute scramble for additional samples. Because completeness and OCD.)

Beauty from the Earth’s Rainbow Palette kit

This kit contained:

  • Addicted — medium bright rich red pearl
  • Blue Bayou — turquoise-blue shimmer
  • Blueberry — bright true-blue shimmer
  • Envy — medium leaf green shimmer
  • Gem — clear teal shimmer
  • Grape — bright rich purple shimmer
  • Green Apple — bright clear green shimmer
  • Karma — metallic fuchsia-pink with blue interference shimmer
  • Lava Momma — hot pink shimmer
  • Lemon — bright lemon-yellow shimme
  • Midnight Kisses — rich indigo-violet shimmer
  • Peacock — metallic turquoise-aqua shimmer
  • Raspberry — medium-bright cool pink shimmer
  • Tangerine — bright pumpkin-orange shimmer
  • Wacky — medium-deep cool orange shimmer
  • Whisper — palest peach with iridescent blue shimmer

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