Beauty from the Earth’s Spirit Sets kit

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  • Manufacturer: Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics
  • Availability: from the company's webstore
  • Contains: 12 eyeshadows (you pick two)
  • Cost/Amount: USD$9.00 for two 1.2-gram jars
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Beauty from the Earth’s Spirit Sets kit

These were (re?)released in late summer 2013, allowing people to get a deal on two fullsize eyeshadows. The choices were limited, but a good chunk of people could put together their college, university, or high school colors. Or something close to them, at any rate.

These may have been available before this time, and then removed; but since I’d only been buying from BFTE since spring 2012, if they were out before then, I wasn’t aware of them.

Beauty from the Earth’s Spirit Sets kit Beauty from the Earth's Blue Bird Beauty from the Earth's Dirty Deals Beauty from the Earth's Double Chocolate Beauty from the Earth's Dragon Slayer Beauty from the Earth's Emerald Bliss Beauty from the Earth's Shopaholic Beauty from the Earth's Tickle Me Beauty from the Earth's Syracuse

The colors to choose from, to build your own Spirit Set, included:

  • Addicted — medium bright rich red pearl
  • Blue Bird — vivid clear sapphire satin
  • Dirty Deals — navy-charcoal shimmer
  • Double Chocolate — metallic rich medium-dark brown shimmer
  • Dragon Slayer — metallic orange-gold shimmer
  • Emerald Bliss — clear bright emerald shimmer
  • Glistening —
  • Shopaholic — vivid eggyolk-yellow pearl
  • Silver — soft pewter satin
  • Sugar Plum —
  • Syracuse — medium-light pinked gold-orange shimmer
  • Tickle Me — metallic rich turquoise-teal shimmer

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