Beauty News for January 21

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Please pardon the gaps...

The site is in mid-migration now (manual migration of over 7,000 entries, so there's a lot to be done.) The entry stubs are created for older content, but for the most part, the actual content isn't there quite yet. I am working on it. Unfortunately I have no ETA. But feel free to link to any page! When the content does get populated, the URL will stay the same.

Beauty News for January 21

...including my beauty blog social calendar. It's been a week, hasn't it!

LiAnn's Beauty Blog Social Calendar

  • Blogspot has periodic bouts of "wow the server's really slow", prompting people to move to paid hosting so that they have a bit more control...and two sites that I read from time to time are doing just that. The Gloss Menagerie and The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself are moving to independent hosting this week. (Hey, ladies, why didn't you come talk to me? I've definitely got the hook-up...dual-core servers in a hurricane-rated facility, on-site techs, solid performance, good prices, you name it. And I know the owner, I see her in the mirror every day. :D )
  • and The Makeup Snob, who recently moved from Blogger to a Wordpress-hosted blog, posted the lessons she's learned about the whole Blogger-to-Wordpress transition. (This is one of the primary reasons I've never been fond of the free web hosts. If you decide to're kind of hamstrung. You can't easily download a backup of your database and import it elsewhere. Full-on independent web hosting gives me more control...and running a web host for the past eight years lets me provide the kind of service that I want from a hosting company, the kind that some provide but most do not.)
  • Starlightlace is also in mourning over the loss of TSS' About Face colors, but continues on with her eyecolor challenge. She re-counted her eyeshadows after initially over-estimating the quantity, and even though she didn't post looks, she's well on her way to completing month one. (Don't worry, Starlight - I had to recount my eyeshadows three times before I got the quantity exactly right! Drove me crazy...)

...meanwhile, I'd like to start something up that will help us all spotlight each other, learn more about the blogs we read, get involved, and share more about ourselves and our projects. Watch next week for all details, and how any beauty blogger can join the fun.

News and stuff

So maybe you haven't heard that Shiseido has made a tender offer to purchase Bare Escentuals. A tender offer does not mean that the company has been sold just yet (though it looks as though it will be sold unless some government regulation stands in the way of the sale). A tender offer is just that - an offer. The sale hasn't been finalized yet...though I don't know of anything that would halt the process other than either party changing its mind, which doesn't seem likely. Hardcore BE junkies are going through the various stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance - and people are already making plans on what to do if formulas change significantly. (Which reminds me...I'd better start looking for alternate mascaras, just in case the Flawless Definition changes significantly. Aside from the buxoms, that's the only BE product I re-buy on a regular basis.) Years ago, I received Shiseido's Murasaki perfume as a gift. It was very nice, but when I went to buy some more I blanched at the price. The perfume was lovely, but I wasn't willing to pay quite that much for perfume...and they aren't even the most costly perfume out there, though the price was and is on the higher end of the spectrum. I have no idea if the formulas will change after the sale or not...but I do know that I've already got most of the BE eyecolors that I want.

Also in mourning are customers of The SheSpace's About Face Cosmetics. TSS is discontinuing their wider mineral-makeup line, and Heather is instead going to focus on the Hope Quest concept and inspirational materials. This isn't necessarily news - I mentioned it last week - but yesterday I went through and tagged all my TSS product-entries with "discontinued". Kind of made things hit home... Based on my previous experience with the Hope Quest quads, the colors that will be released through there may not be the multilayered, iridescent beauties I've loved (like Too Cool for School, Harmony of Heart, Whirling Golden Devils, Moral Enemy, others.) That, plus the fact that there will be a heck of a lot fewer colors released, makes me selfishly glad that I got into TSS when I did, that I got all the gorgeous colors when I got them (especially the ones from the Cindy collection), and that I was already slowing my purchase-rate when Heather announced the About Face closure. I would be so upset if I had just fallen in love with TSS, only to read about this change in business direction.

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