Big changes coming up at Shiro

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One of Shiro’s big selling points for me has always been that their collections are not LE. They’re not available for a month or three, and then gone forever. There are a few seasonals that re-appear every year; but for the most part, once a collection gets up there, it’s there for years. This gives people plenty of time to look, to get samples, to swatch and debate, save up, and purchase. A few of their earliest collections have been discontinued, but quite a lot from the earliest days are still available for purchase.

Until the end of this month, that is. The site and product range are getting an overhaul.

Big changes coming up at Shiro

A new seasonal collection of highlighters (Summer Things Never Change) launched at the tail-end of June, and now comes the news that half a dozen collections are on sale and will be discontinued at the end of July. If you’re interested in any colors - or backups! - from the Miyazaki Glows and Tints, the Legends collection, the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes collection, the Flash Ignite collection, or the Battle of the Boy Bands collection, head over and browse the sale! There are also some of the lower-selling High Scores items and some colors from the Sandbox.

I think that since Shiro started selling from their website, there have been a few collections discontinued. In particular, the Super Effective collection, one of Shiro’s first collections, was discontinued sometime in the past four years. (I don’t quite remember when.) Both the Tributes and the Fullmetal collections were discontinued in 2017. The This Is Halloween collection was brought back for a few Octobers, but it hasn’t made a reappearance in the past two years. This relatively slower turnover has meant fewer new collections, but every collection that’s been released has been a really solid performer. I haven’t tried every collection - I never tried the semi-cream glows - but I’ve tried quite a lot of them, and added over half of the colors to my own collection.

[While I am looking forward to the new changes at Shiro, I’m a little apprehensive about what form the changes will take. They’ve already mentioned new packaging, and since they’re discontinuing many of their standing collections, I’m hoping that they’ll gradually introduce some great new products. I just hope that they don’t come with a 60% price increase, as happened to another former favorite vendor (a newer favorite, and one that I’ve stopped buying from because of that outrageous price increase.)]

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