Birthday Contest, Week Two

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Birthday Contest, Week Two

Hi all! This week I am giving away three Bath and Body Works scented body products to celebrate Sparklecrack Central's first birthday!

I'm a big fan of Bath and Body Works. My favorite scents are White Tea and Ginger, Juniper Berry, Black Amethyst, Dancing Waters, White Citrus, and PS I Love You. Pear Blossom was discontinued (even through the web site) in mid-2009, and has a light mildly spicy fruit scent. PS I Love You is more of a traditional-floral scent, but very mild - not cloying at all, not too sweet or overpowering. White Citrus will please folks who are fans of White Tea and Ginger, with its bright citrus scent and light undertones of white tea (and unlike White Tea and Ginger, White Citrus is actually also available in BBW stores.) All three of these are the perfect "to-go" size - since they're each only 2 fluid ounces, they even will pass the current TSA gel/liquid travel restrictions for carry-on items.

  • Bath and Body Works’ Pear Blossom mini spritzer
  • Bath and Body Works’ PS I Love You mini body lotion
  • Bath and Body Works’ White Citrus purse-size antibacterial hand lotion

This week's contest is open to anyone, anywhere. The contest is open from now (starting with this entry) through Sunday January 17 at 12:01 AM Pacific time. Leave comments to enter — check out full contest rules if you have any questions! And spread the word!

Congratulations to Ellen1, winner of the first prize package!! Her comment was selected using a spreadsheet and to select a random number from among the rows of posted comments. (Due to an error on my part, I had to re-do the drawing for the first week's prize package. Miscellaneous: Contest winner (redrawing)After I removed a person's erroneously-included third comment for an entry (row 28 on the previous spreadsheet), I used to generate a random number between 2 and 32.)

Because the error was mine, I am sending a prize package to the person whose name I originally drew, and assembling another one for the re-selected winner. Fortunately, I have all those polishes to hand already - I'll just have to re-buy bottles for my personal use :D Future contest winners will be announced within 48 hours after each weekly contest-window closes, to allow me more time to prepare the spreadsheet and make sure I don't accidentally include more than two comment listings per post per person. After all, I don't want to have to give away multiples of the future prize packages because I make more errors (and in two of the cases, I cannot because some or all of the products are no longer available.)

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