Birthday giveaways all through January!!

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Please pardon the gaps...

The site is in mid-migration now (manual migration of over 7,000 entries, so there's a lot to be done.) The entry stubs are created for older content, but for the most part, the actual content isn't there quite yet. I am working on it. Unfortunately I have no ETA. But feel free to link to any page! When the content does get populated, the URL will stay the same.

Birthday giveaways all through January!!

January is my birth-month, but also my site's birth-month! I started this site on January 9, 2009, and have managed to catalog my collection, photograph everything, and - in October - wearing each eyecolor at least once and posting a look almost every day. I've learned a lot about makeup application, found some favorite things, tried some other products and found that they don't work for me, and built my eyecolor collection up a lot. I haven't had tons of readers (mostly my fault, there was a considerable “dead zone” of posts in mid-209), but I've appreciated the emails, comments, and conversations with the folks who have stopped by. Now I'm celebrating by giving away four prize packs - one each week of January, starting on Sundays at midnight-thirty Pacific time.

How to Participate

  • Each week, come by and leave a comment on the posts I make during that week. (All comments are moderated, so comments won't appear right away unless you're a member on my site and are logged in when you comment - but don't worry, I'll go by the date you left the comment, not the date I approved the comment.)
  • Each Sunday morning, I'll randomly select one name from all the previous week's commenters - and I'll reset the clock for the next week's contest, listing the prize package I'll be giving away next week and reminding folks of the rules.
  • I'll contact the winner and get their mailing address. If I don't get a response from the winner within 24 hours, I'll draw another winner from that previous week.

The Fine Print (such as it is)

  • The more comments you leave, the more entries into the contest you get. You can comment once a week, on each post I make that week, or somewhere in between.
  • I'll be using a spreadsheet and to select the winners.
  • No more than two comments per entry will be counted toward the contest - so even if you have an ongoing discussion with some other commenters, only the first two comments on any given entry will be counted toward that week's prize package.
  • Spammy comments will be deleted - no affiliate links, posts about this or that great article on National Geographic's site, et cetera.
  • Rude or abusive comments - toward myself, toward other commenters, directed at other sites - will be deleted.
  • All prize packages (except the nail polish) are open to entrants of any age, in any country.
  • No substitutions can be made on the prize packages. This is all stuff I bought with my own money, I don't have money to go out and buy more freebies.
  • The nail polishes cannot be sent through USPS, and since I don't care to spend USD$80 to mail a prize package overseas...that one contest-phase is open only to residents of the US and Canada.

The Winners

  • Week One (nail polish package): visitor Ellen1 (commented here, among other places)
  • Week Two (scented body products package): Tee (commented here, among other places)
  • Week Three (BE makeup package): TBA
  • Week Four (The SheSpace LE eyeshadows package): TBA

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