Blog Sale: China Glaze nail polishes

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Blog Sale: China Glaze nail polishes

SALE Yesterday I was organizing all of my OPI and China Glaze polishes (I still have more Zoya than anything else), and discovered that I had a few more dupes than I realized. Specifically…I had some dupes of colors in China Glaze's OMG collection. I was toying with doing a giveaway…but I've got contests planned for January, when I'll be holding two of them: one for international folks only, and one for US folks only. So then I thought: Okay, selling these at Ebay prices would be kind of evil. But I can definitely sell them. So here goes:

I've got extras of the following nail polishes, all new, never used (payment accepted via Paypal only, will only ship to the address on the Paypal account:)

  • China Glaze's TTYL - $5 SOLD
  • China Glaze's Wireless Holographic Top Coat - $5 SOLD
  • China Glaze's Sex on the Beach - $3 SOLD
  • China Glaze's Ginger - $3 SOLD
  • Borghese's La Scala Rose - $5 (used once, full manicure, 2 coats) SOLD
  • Borghese's Stellar Notte - $6 SOLD
  • China Glaze's Emerald Sparkled - $3 SOLD
  • China Glaze's Adore - $3 SOLD
  • China Glaze's 2NITE - $5 SOLD
  • China Glaze's BFF - $5 SOLD
  • China Glaze's GR8 - $5 SOLD
  • Zoya's Raven - $3 SOLD

Prices do not include shipping - I'll quote you a shipping rate based on where you're having me ship it to, and how many items you're buying / size-weight of the package. Apologies, but I can't ship these internationally.

All the items from the OMG collection are a bit more because they're sold out just about everywhere...except Ebay, where most sellers are charging $10 per bottle...not including shipping. (And that's another thing: I will not sell all the OMG polishes to one person. One person can buy multiple items, but no one person may buy more than two of the OMG items. I want to give others a chance at these extras that I mistakenly bought; but I am not restocking someone's Ebay store. Hence the arbitrary-seeming restriction.)

Leave a comment with your email address and the items that you want. I'll update this post as items are sold.

All items have been sold - comments have been closed.

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