Bright Side of the Sun

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Bright Side of the Sun

Today is cold (42 is our high, after mid-50s last week - and we're expecting more snow this weekend) and grey. The slight blue tinge in the air isn't the normal Seattle overcast, it's the collective swearing of everyone in King and Snohomish counties. We're tired of winter, damnit!

I can't do anything about the weather; but I can wear bright colors.


  • Sephora Light Touch Concealer in light beige
  • Meow Cosmetics foundation, Sleek Himalayan
  • Meow Cosmetics Crystalline Cat glow powder in Morganite, "C" outside eyes
  • TSS' Practical Energy blush, lightly applied to cheeks and tip of nose & chin


  • MAC Perky paint pot, lash to just above the crease
  • TSS' Necessary Laughter, patted lash to crease and lightly blended up to brow
  • TSS' The World Needs You, inner eye lash blended upward to crease
  • Sephora Flashy Eyeliner pencil in Electric Mauve (actually iridescent purple...but if they want to call it mauve, they get to call it mauve), upper lid and lower lid outside of lash line
  • TSS' Unicorns In Love, patted dry over liner pencil
  • TSS' Purple Iridescent brushed lightly over eye from just-below-lash to just-below-brow
  • Urban Decay's Big Fatty Black Cherry mascara


  • Bare Escentuals Rose Quickstick
  • Covergirl LipSlicks Precious

Bright Side of the Sun

The name for this look comes from Men Without Hats. Their supershort song (there's a technical term for it - bridge?) on Pop Goes The World is called Bright Side of the Sun:

Somewhere in the distance when we fall in love again
The planets will be dancing as the moon plays violin
We will laugh at all the silly things we've both said and done
And step into forever on the bright side of the sun

I loved the combination of words...and on a day like today, with more grey wet weather promised for the coming week and winter looking more adamant to not be sent on its way, anything that speaks of warmth and bright colors is definitely welcome.

And now I'm off to paint my nails. I start another part time job this week, one that I haven't done for six years: event staff. Eight hour shifts of standing, possibly outside, and helping people find their seats, find their kids, find the exits...not hugely glamourous, but I've worked Ozfest. I've been baptized by drunken Toby Keith fans. I've avoided being clocked by a Grateful Dead spinner (literally, someone just spinning around mostly in place). I should be able to do this again, even if I last did this when I was half a decade younger.


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