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Some of you may have noticed that content has been steady, but…a little lighter for the past week. There's a reason for that.

When I was in Europe, I fell down some stairs and (we all thought) sprained my ankle. I spent four days on a farm-guesthouse in Tuscany, foot propped up and bingewatching Netflix and wearing a compression sock. I got back from Europe, went to my doctor, got x-rays, and found out that my sprained ankle was broken. And not just a wee little hairline fracture, either. No, this was a proper break, down near my ankle joint.


Tuesday was Surprise Surgery Day!

A colleague picked me up from surgery and let me stay overnight in their spare bedroom. The next day after that friend had brought me home and done a round of shopping for me (sports drinks and fruit cups and granola bars), another friend dropped by and made me scrambled eggs. Then I was on my own for one night and then my dad came to stay for the weekend. I have finally stopped needing to take prescription pain medication, but last week I did not do a bit of updating on the blog. Last night was my first time logging into my blog admin console in almost a month. Thank goodness I had lots of posts queued up and ready to go, even if there was no verbiage beyond the basic product description!

I have a post-surgery follow-up appointment this Friday, and I'll be non-weight-bearing through the end of October. But at least since I telecommute, I won't be missing work! I may still be a little less attentive to the blog, though, just because I'm still recovering and I'm trying to rest as much as possible. Also because I'll be planning another big project:

On the 30th of September - the same day as my surgery follow-up visit - I officially close on my new house! It's on half an acre of land, and the closest neighbor's house is more than 40 feet away from me, not 10 feet or even 6. The backyard has a miniature greenbelt of conifers (trees that don't lose their leaves every year), and a space for garden plots. The house has three bedrooms, hardwood floors, a gas fireplace, and oak trim. It's not brand new but it's not a quarter-century either, and it's been lovingly cared for and lived in. I'm really looking forward to moving in and getting it all situated like I want it! I'll be waiting on that a bit, because of the injury; but I don't have to be out of this apartment right away, I have time, and I have both of my parents helping manage things. (And yes, I'm hiring help to move everything. I'm not lifting anything at all. Just…supervising smile )

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