Calling all cream and gel liner fanatics

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Calling all cream and gel liner fanatics

Morgana Cryptoria is getting some new cream and gel liners in later this week. Previously, they (like many other companies) have resold cream and gel liners from outfits like Lady Burd, alongside their own formulated products (loose eyeshadows, blush, lip products, et cetera). I'm looking forward to seeing what these colors are. I am mildly concerned because they don't have the word “indelible” in the name - so the color payoff could be good, but the color might not last too long on heavy, oily lids (like mine.) There are currently names listed, but no descriptions. We can look forward to:

  • Twilight cream shadow
  • Leaf cream shadow
  • Passion cream shadow
  • Moss cream shadow
  • Destiny cream shadow
  • Eerie cream shadow
  • Evening cream shadow
  • Cruel cream shadow
  • Glowin' gel liner
  • Darkness gel liner
  • The Chills gel liner
  • Raven gel liner
  • Pandora gel liner
  • Ivette gel liner
  • Midnight gel liner
  • Bathory gel liner
  • Dreamscape gel liner

While there are no details, Morgana is targeted at the Goth crowd, so their inventory includes more bright, deep, rich, vivid tones than "neutrals" or "naturals". They also don't tend to sell super-inexpensive, and do make their lip colors vegan. This to me says that they'll be choosy about the quality of any third-party products they choose to resell. Whatever they bring in, chances are high that it won't be junk.

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