Calling all geeks: check out these pigment names!

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Calling all geeks: check out these pigment names!

Oh, my.

I've been wanting to try Fyrinnae shadows for a while now. They sounded intriguing. And then I went and saw the names of their December 2009 collection.

Geek Glam. Damn Paladins. +20 Beautification. Chaotic Evil. Half-Elven Hottie. Dokkalfar. Species 8472. Robot Takeover. Magic Missiles. These names speak directly to the heart and soul of geeks. My inner gamer-geek and my inner science-fiction geek are fighting to see who gets to place the order. (And Fyrinnae's cart seems incapable of keeping my huge shopping list! It's under 20 samples - what's wrong with this thing?)

Edit: I did not place an order, and will not. I tried several times to order samples of fifteen colors that I'd chosen. Each time, after about five or seven samples added, the cart would “lose track” of my entire order. I tried multiple times with multiple browsers. I tried not opening any other tabs to any other site. Still it failed.

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