CND’s Vinylux Boho Spirit collection

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  • Manufacturer: CND
  • Availability: from salons beginning May 2018
  • Contains: 4 nail polishes
  • Cost/Amount: USD$9.90 per .5 fl oz bottle
  • Would you purchase again: yes
CND’s Vinylux Boho Spirit collection

I like these smaller collections from Vinylux. I don’t start to get overwhelmed with all the new releases they have in a year, but I still have a nice little jolt of new color every four or five months. These are all warm shades, all creme finish. Two are bolder, more saturated shades while two are muted. It’s a nice mix. The collection palette and name are also a tie-in to the “festival” theme that it seems a lot more vendors are tuned into. People who don’t even go to any concerts, let alone any multi-day music festivals, are being sold the myth of festivals like Coachella, Burning Man, Glastonbury, and Fringe. Festivals can be great fun if you’re able to make or bring sleeping arrangements. But festivals are multi-day outdoor events…and I have yet to see any beauty products named “Sunstroke” or “Honey Pot”.

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CND’s Vinylux Boho Spirit collection

Back to the collection! I was (am) a little disappointed with one of the names. Why did they have to choose “Gypsy”? It’s a lovely-looking medium orange, which fits nicely with the overall color palette. But seriously, folks. Nothing good comes of trying to be edgy or nostalgic if you end up using something that’s been widely recognized as a slur for at least a decade now.

The three colors that I did get all applied nicely, but the lighter ones were a little watery. Two coats didn’t get me even coverage like Vinylux polishes usually do.

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