CND’s Vinylux Nude collection

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  • Manufacturer: CND
  • Availability: from salons beginning January 2018
  • Contains: 4 nail polishes
  • Cost/Amount: USD$9.90 per .5 fl oz bottle
  • Would you purchase again: yes
CND’s Vinylux Nude collection

Sometimes you need a subtler manicure - kind of a visual palate cleanser. (Or a good backdrop for some simple nail art.) Zoya’s Naturel collections were a nice collection of neutrals, and they did a better job of spanning a range of “natural” shades than this collection. Still, these are some nice colors! One of them was more sheer than the rest, but the other three were all two-coaters with very good spreadability.

This collection contained:

  • Uncovered
  • Unlocked
  • Unmasked
  • Unearthed

CND discontinues colors occasionally - about a dozen colors have been discontinued since the launch of the Vinylux line - but they don't have many "limited edition" collections. If you're interested in any of these shades, you don't have to rush out and buy them before they disappear.

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