Color Club’s Alter Ego collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Color Club
  • Availability: released in March 2011
  • Description: 12 nail colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8.00 for 1.5 ml / 0.5 fl oz
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Color Club’s Alter Ego collection

This collection has six softer shades with creme finishes - some semisheer - and six darker shades with a variety of finishes: glass fleck, metallic shimmer…even some duochromes. There are polish collections that try to balance finishes, opacity, color shades, what have you. This is perhaps a more extreme mixture of softer/subtler and bolder polishes. I like the mixture!! I like Reveal quite a lot - a seemingly soft peach creme with the pink and blue flashes is one of my “gotta be office appropriate” favorites!

There are a few polishes in this collection that seem to have similar releases from several companies during the same year as this collection's initial release. That year, purple-taupe seemed to be The Bandwagon Upon Which To Jump. Several companies released their own versions of Particulere/Channelesque/Give Me A Hint. I think that that was the Big Unique Dupe...until Chanel released Peridot, and we had half a dozen of those all along the pricepoint scale.

I was immediately interested in Ulterior Motive, Alias, and Revealed. I picked up Alter Ego and Masquerading during my second pass through the collection's offerings. Total Mystery is interesting looking, but I don't know if I'd wear it as a manicure shade very often...I wonder if it could be used as a stamping polish? Wouldn't that look amazing against black or charcoal or even a vampy purple or red?

This collection contained:

  • Alias — vampy purple glass fleck with blue, green, and pink duochrome shimmer
  • Alter Ego — disty violet with gilded silver glass fleck
  • Get a Clue — Muted pastel lavender-pink creme
  • Give Me a Hint — tauped purple creme
  • Incognito — semisheer neutral nude creme
  • Masquerading — lightly blackened metallic turquoise shimmer
  • Revealed — pastel peach creme with lavender iridescent sheen
  • Secret Rendezvous — pastel lilac creme
  • Secret Agent — metallic blue-violet shimmer
  • Sheer Disguise — semisheer pastel greyed green creme
  • Total Mystery — metallic vivid violet-blue duochrome shimmer
  • Ulterior Motive — fuchsia-violet duochrome glass fleck

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