Define Pleasantly Surprised

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Define Pleasantly Surprised

When I was initially browsing through Aromaleigh v1's permament line and making my initial wishlist, I had initially thought that I wouldn't order Angelique (from the Eye Lusters collection.) It's another pink, I said to myself. I have lots of pinks and reds, I don't really need any more. And then, quite by chance, I received a sample of this color. I had it sitting around for a few weeks, then I had my jar of TSS' Define Beauty out when I had all my samples in the makeup area (as opposed to on my desk, where I compare things / build my wishlists / et cetera.) I noticed that they looked quite similar…so I swatched them.

They weren't "a bit similar". They were -=very=- similar. Once the sun came out from behind the clouds (part of that weekend's scheduled 3.75 hours of direct sunlight) I was able to compare the swatches in full daylight. Yep, still very similar. Angelique is just barely more pink-nude, where Define Beauty is just barely more peach-nude. But applied wet or dry, the difference between the two colors is extremely slight. Ever since I fell in love with TSS' limited-edition color Define Beauty, I'd worried what to do when the color eventually ran out. (I've actually decreased this color by a noticeable amount, I use it so often.) Now...I have a backup!!

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