Delays in order processing - ya think?

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Delays in order processing - ya think?

With all of us junkies refreshing the Clearance Colors page every five seconds, putting together our huge orders from the Astrology collections and the regular pigment line, and all pigments marked down to 55% of regular price…who would be surprised that there are further delays in orders being filled from The SheSpace?

The SheSpace announced the closure of their MMU eye color line a few weeks ago. Order processing times, which were already running at about 1.5 to 2 weeks' processing time, has taken a big hit. If you order today, expect to receive your pigments in a month's time…if you're in the US (longer if you're an international customer.) With people - old customers and new - avidly scooping up as many colors as they can, and watching for the old LE colors' appearance on the Clearance page, things are (of course) backing up. There were already lots of orders in the pipeline, since Heather marked all pigments down before Christmas - all eye colors were marked down to $2.50 to clear out old inventory, in preparation for all products being packaged in a 5-gram jar with sifter. Then, on January 14th, Heather announced a change in business direction, left all pigments marked at $2.50…and began posting older limited-edition collections one at a time until they were sold out, to help things stay a bit more sane during order processing. (This all makes sense - after all, many customers (myself included) would from time to time drop Heather an email asking if she still had certain older limited-edition colors in stock; and I'm betting her inbox exploded shortly after the change-of-business announcement.)

Anyhoo…on the day after the announcement, Heather reports that The SheSpace received 215 orders. I'm guessing that the number of orders received per day has stayed pretty close to that mark for the past three weeks as the news spreads, folks get their lists together, older LE collections come up, and folks who previously hadn't tried TSS - alerted by frantic posts on this and that forum and message board - put *their* orders together.

I can only imagine how chaotic things must be. I can also only imagine it for five minutes a day or my brain begins to melt and dribble out my ears.

End analysis is…if you've ever been the slightest bit curious about The SheSpace's eye colors, order NOW. Do not wait. (Also, stick with the medium- to dark- colors, and avoid the Velvets. Those are my least-favorite colors. The other two, Sprinkles of Twinkle and Go Glam or Go Home, are further down the page and are much, much better. They're also more interesting to me, being the frosts/pearls/shimmers/sparkles, but that could just be a bias on my part.) And then, once you've placed your order, be patient. It will take about two to three weeks until your order is processed and sent out, and then a week to ten days until it gets to you. You may also wish to ask that the individual lids be taped down, to prevent spillage in transit (this happened to a lot of people, and it seems to be a combination of jar-lid threads that don't grab well and general postal handling.)

Apparently, Heather's boutique will still be open and selling her foundations, blushes, face powders, and possibly a few other bits - just the TSS web site will be closing down - so if you live in the Chicago area, you can set up a shop visit. But for the rest of us…it will be nearing spring before we get our final-final orders.

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