elf’s Partier

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  • Manufacturer: elf
  • Availability: released as part of elf's Mineral Eyeshadow collection
  • Color Range: muted cadet blue satin
  • Cost/Amount: USD$3 for 0.05 oz / 1.5 grams
  • Would you purchase again: no
elf’s Partier

I was really expecting more heft from the color. This very softened greyed-navy-ish is attractive enough, but it isn't what I expected. It also doesn't smoke worth a damn, so it's useful to add this exact color…and that's about it. This isn't the worst performing loose-powder shadow that I've bought from any vendor (including elf) but…yeah. No. Not worth it, in my opinion. Not even if you can get it 50% off.

elf’s Partier

On the other hand, if you wanted some softer color additives for manicures, you could use this. Sprinkle it over a wet manicure to get an “organic-feel” uneven effect, like a starfield or paintball splatter or something.

...I think I have an idea…

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