elf’s Studio Fan brush review

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  • Manufacturer: elf Cosmetics
  • Availability: part of the Studio Face brush collection
  • Description: thin, wide fan brush with long black handle
  • Cost/Amount: USD$5.00
  • Would you purchase again: yes
All of the entries for the year 2020 were completed before March 2020. Most items were bought in, or before, 2019. And so, despite the pandemic where buying makeup is definitely a lower priority, I'm still publishing these posts.
elf’s Studio Fan brush

This is elf’s thinner, softer full fan brush that was pretty much the only kind of fan brush I’d seen in 2010. I will confess, I haven’t yet figured out how to best use it…and I haven’t looked really hard.

I can tell you that this has a long black handle and a black metal ferrule, like all of the Studio brushes. (For you folks who only know elf from, say, 2015 onward…there used to only be two brush lines: the wooden white-handled Essentials that were generally $1 per brush and were slightly lower quality (ferrules weren’t always firmly fixed to the handles, there was a little more fallout expected/allowed) and the black-handled Studio brushes that were generally $3 per brush and had synthetic bristles. The bristles on this fan brush are evenly distributed for the most part, but there are a few small gaps in the fan. I purposely washed the brush and ran the bristles through my fingertips to see if there would be any fallout, and there wasn’t. I think that the brush quality is on-par with the others in the Studio line, and the fact that I haven’t ever learned how one should best use a brush like this…is not the brush’s fault.

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elf’s Studio Fan brush

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