EoTD: Can’t Take The Sky

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EoTD: Can’t Take The Sky

So for those of you who don't know, I'm a big ol' geeky geek. I'm a diehard fan of the ‘verse (Firefly and Serenity). And I sometimes amuse myself endlessly when I'm able to come up with looks and color combinations based on the names of the products. This doesn't always work too well, especially if the colors are too similar. Sometimes, it works out fairly well.

I'm not 100% happy with this look - I think it's missing a good highlight color. Luckily, that potential solution should arrive here next week.

Look: Can't Take the Sky (opened eyes)
Look: Can't Take the Sky (closed eyes)
Look: Can't Take the Sky (colors)

I recently ordered Pure Luxe's Serenity eyecolor, which is described as "delicate ivory with a pearl finish". I may be able to use this as a brow highlighter, an inner-crease highlighter/lightener, or a mid-lid contrasting color if I try to use Persephone and Firefly to create a smoky eye. It just isn't here yet...

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