EoTD: Navigators of Fortune

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EoTD: Navigators of Fortune

Yesterday when I was posting the look I'd done, I realized that I'd never actually used Joy (from the Pure Bloom collection). I decided to give that a try, see if I actually liked the color. I “broke in” a few other items today: MAC's Cash Flow paint pot, which I'd purchased but hadn't used; and two more colors from the TSS Aries collection.

  • MAC Cash Flow paint pot, lash to orbital bone
  • TSS' Snow White's Dark Side, outer eye from lash line upward following orbital bone
  • Bare Escentuals' Joy applied dry over the lid, lash to orbital bone and blended up to brow
  • TSS' Pioneering Spirit, central lid inside orbital bone
  • Sephora Flashy Liner pencil in black, upper lash line
  • TSS' Beauty Babe, upper lash line right over the Electro Liner pencil
  • TSS' One Broken Stiletto, outer upper and lower lash line
  • Tarte Cosmetics Lash Hugger mascara, upper and lower lashes

I like how Cash Flow provides a nice base for golden or yellow-based looks. It made a brownish-yellow look more like bright gold.

I managed to use two more of the Aries collection reds: Pioneering Spirit, as a top-center contour shade; and Beauty Babe, as a liner color. Beauty Babe is a rich cool pink on its own, so I suspect that applying it over the Flashy Black liner made the color pop but also cooled it down a little tiny bit.

The two outer colors both come from TSS' Cindy collection. I haven't used either of these colors in a while, and they look good as contour and "smoking" shades.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on placement and order. I put down the shadow base first, then the first contour color...you get the picture.

Since I don't have a soccer game to work tomorrow I'll have to experiment with some brighter shades using this color-placement chart!! Perhaps some of my newer greens from the Aromaleigh Sonic Eyes collection...

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