EoTD: Never Refuse a Fifth

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Please pardon the gaps...

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EoTD: Never Refuse a Fifth

This entire kit - an actual whole kit, with everything but foundation and mascara - also included a very nice, specific tip sheet for applying all of the eye colors. It looked fairly good. I think I need to spend some time figuring out why each color went where it did, so that I can competently put together other looks based off this same template.


  • Sephora Light Touch Concealer
  • Meow Cosmetics Sleek Himalayan foundation
  • TSS' Movin' On Up blush


  • Benefit Cosmetics' Recess creaseless cream shadow, lash to brow
  • TSS' Pearls and Stilettos, inner eye top and bottom close to tear duct
  • TSS' Cocktails on the Terrace, inner eye to center of lid lash to orbital bone
  • TSS' Uptown Attitude, central crease towards outer iris ring
  • TSS' Divas on Fifth, outer lid / outer edge of crease
  • TSS' Snooty Socialite, upper and lower outer half of lash line
  • TSS' Park Avenue Princess, browbone
  • Tarte Lash Hugger mascara, upper and lower lashes


  • TSS' Little Miss Luxe lip balm

I was pleased with Pearls and Stilettos. It was a soft lightening / brightening effect without looking too artless or obvious. That's been my main reason for not doing looks with color right near the crease: I don't like the way it looks on most people, so hadn't even tried it on myself, not even with supersoft colors.

Uptown Attitude is a gorgeous reddish plum brown. The photos on TSS' site made it look more red than it actually is. (By contrast, my photos make it look almost washed out. Part of that is my pitiful picturetaking skills...and part of it is the fact that the color is NOT as saturated a red as one might believe from the TSS site photos.)

Cocktails on the Terrace is a lovely ice-sheer lavender pearl. I'm glad I got a few kits, because I think this color is going to get a workout.

The lip balm is a nice, neutral color. A soft mauve-red. Again, the TSS site photos don't accurately transmit this color. There, it looks quite red. In the tube, it looks like a soft mauve-nude. On the lips...soft neutral mauve-nude with barely any shimmer.

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