Everyday Minerals’ regular eyeshadow line

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  • Manufacturer: Everyday Minerals
  • Availability: through the online storefront
  • Cost/Amount: Before Sept 2010: $6 for a 10-gram jar with sifter / 2.5 grams (or, with the 45% beauty perk, $3.30 for 2.5 grams)
  • Would you purchase again: possibly

NOTE: As of early 2010, most Everyday Minerals products contain lauroyl lysine. Info & links of interest

Everyday Minerals’ regular eyeshadow line

Before September 2010, EDM’s eyeshadows were available in two sizes: the mini “10-gram jar” with 2.5 grams of product for $6; and the sample “5-gram jar” with 1.2 grams of product for $2.50. If you purchased 5 or more mini-size items, you got 25% off those items. If you purchased 11 or more mini-size items, you got 45% off of those items…making them $3.30 per jar. This was the best deal, and since most of EDM’s shadows didn’t have great adhesion or pigmentation it’s how I acquired all the shadows that weren’t purchased as part of a kit.

The following colors that I own were either sold/marketed individually, or were part of a kit to which I never acquired the other pieces:

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