Eyeshadow Swatch Project: Blacks, Greys and Whites

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On December 30th, I was sounding off that I needed to get back to work because I was creating too many blog projects for myself...and CydonianMU (she did purples) said that I could join her, KimmieKarmaLove (she did blues), jadecarver (she did blacks/greys), RobynHeartsSlap (she did greens), and Raerae (she did reds and oranges) in an eyeshadow swatching collaboration. ("Oh, I'm not helping, am I?" LOL) The general plan was that to start off, each person would pick a color and would make a list of their 10/15/20 favorite shades of that color...and then swatch them all. Since I was planning to do this for my entire collection anyway, this seemed a good way to get started! I've already begun adding the montages to some of my colors - several older, and some of the newer ones that I bought this winter but hadn't catalogued yet. I started with yellows and golds...and then just continued slowly swatching my way through my collection.

Going through my own collection, I've done:

Eyeshadow Swatch Project: Blacks, Greys and Whites

My favorite black/grey/white eyeshadow colors, alphabetically by manufacturer and then by color name, are:

  1. Aromaleigh v1's Adrenochrome — silver sparkle
  2. Aromaleigh v1's Air and Light — pale tauped silver metallic sheen
  3. Aromaleigh v1's Longing — softly-mauved grey pearl
  4. Aromaleigh v1's Love Note — grey-brown pearl with blue-green iridescence
  5. Aromaleigh v1's Tapestry — metallic frosted black shimmer
  6. Aromaleigh v1's Whiteriot — white with silver sparkle
  7. Bare Escentuals' Dakota — dark gunmetal grey shimmer
  8. Bare Escentuals' Gossip — deep cool graphite sparkle
  9. Bare Escentuals' Humor — black with gold shimmer
  10. Everyday Minerals' Silver Spoon — bright pewter sparkle
  11. Shiro Cosmetics' Temple of Time — silver-grey shimmer
  12. TKB Trading's Travel To Jupiter — white-gold that iridesces between gold, silver-green, and blue
  13. TKB Trading's Travel to Mars — white-pink that iridesces between red, gold, and copper
  14. TKB Trading's Travel To Neptune — white-blue that iridesces between turquoise, blue, and violet
  15. TKB Trading's Travel To Pluto — white-gold that iridesces between green, gold, and purple
  16. TKB Trading's Travel To Venus — white that iridesces between green, silver, and pink-purple
  17. The SheSpace's Crystal Wind — iridescent silver bisque shimmer
  18. The SheSpace's Drops of Moonstones — silver pearl shimmer

As with the yellows and golds, there are a few duochromes in this list; so my Duochrome Fetishist Merit Badge is safe. I may have even leveled up a bit. The inclusion of five of the seven Interplanetary Traveller micas from TKB Trading really shouldn't come as a surprise. I mean, come on: not only are they the interference micas, but they themselves are true duochromes? That's a huge gimme right there. (They are indeed a stone bitch to photograph, though. I'm going to have to do something interesting to capture all the color variations of those.)

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Aromaleigh v1's Air and Light Aromaleigh v1's Longing Aromaleigh v1's Love Note Aromaleigh v1's Tapestry Aromaleigh v1's Whiteriot BareMinerals' Dakota BareMinerals' Gossip BareMinerals' Humor Everyday Minerals' Silver Spoon Shiro Cosmetics' Temple of Time TKB Trading's Travel To Jupiter TKB Trading's Travel To Mars TKB Trading's Travel To Neptune TKB Trading's Travel To Pluto TKB Trading's Travel To Venus The SheSpace's Crystal Wind The SheSpace's Drops of Moonstones

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