Fall/Winter releases around and about

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Fall/Winter releases around and about

Happy October, everyone!! All kinds of stuff going on…


Aromaleigh is still closing...but she's releasing three additional collections: Mythos, Wonderland, and Spells. No word on the prices, but the colors will all be available through the vault sales, rather than the storefront. Full-sun swatch pics for Mythos, as well as a rough version of Aromaleigh v1's "pigment-pile" pics, are available on the blog.

Meow Cosmetics has removed their Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape collections for another year, and has re-issued their three Halloween collections from last year (Dance of Death [my swatches], Friday the 13th [my swatches], Zombies) as well as a new "Alien Abduction" collection. I really like that Meow re-releases their holiday collections, perhaps adding a few new colors. It lets newer customers buy these colors that they've seen in various EoTDs, and it lets longer-term customers who may not have been able to previously...purchase colors in fullsize.


Bare Escentuals had their first "holiday preview" night mid-September, and approximately half of the holiday goodies are available from the webstore or the various channel partners. Some of the items look mildly interesting, most don't interest me at all...but I'm seriously lemming the buxom kits! I've found that I prefer the mini buxoms and lip colors over the fullsize.

China Glaze has given us sneak peaks, in single small doses, of the 2010 holiday colors. They're a mix of metallics and glitters, with a creme or two. And as usual, China Glaze has several "gift packages" with a selection of their holiday colors, and a goodie of some sort. The various holiday colors are due to come available in late October / early November.

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