Finally swatched this collection, and the news is not all good…

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Finally swatched this collection, and the news is not all good…

I purchased the full sample collection of TSS' Kiss of This and That a while back, thinking to myself: I'll like some of these colors. Not all, but maybe about half. Then I saw another clients' swatches that essentially looked like several shades of white, and I wasn't so sure that I'd like more than...oh, three. Then this week my sample collection arrived, and Seattle had temperatures into the 80s and sun, sun, sun. So I waited until the sun came in through my office window, pulled out the Kiss of...samples, and prepared to swatch away.

First, I noticed that the baggies were all in alphabetical order. I thought this was kind of amusing, since the other sample collections I've gotten (all the Astrology colors) have been in the same order as they appear on the TSS web site. Maybe they're actually reading this blog, I thought for about two nanoseconds. Then reality rolled its eyes and looked embarrassed. Sorting things in alphabetical order is hardly a new concept. Okay, on to the swatchings. I dampened my brush, opened the bags, and applied each swatch. They looked a bit prettier than I'd anticipated, but still not amazing. Then I moved into the sunlight.

Collection: TSS' Kiss of This and That (full sunlight)

I now want to get the whole collection. Even the pinks, of which I have manymany, and the blues, of which the aquas traditionally are not my best buddies. (Dammit!!!)

Kiss of Admiration

This color is billed as a "baby-pink"...and it is indeed very light. It's a perfectly neutral pink, though. I'd imagine that this would look very pretty under any of the iridescent micas, or over just about any cream shadow base. When I started buying just about every MMU pot I could get my hot little hands on, reds/pinks were one of the colors I gravitated to the most. Even today they're the largest group in my shadow collection.

Kiss of Belief

Another taupe, yes...but remember that this collection was created in part as a "kissing cousin" of the Go-to Girls, which were all very subtle taupe bases. Good for neutral spring looks, or possibly (haven't tested this yet) brightening and anchoring a look when applied to the inner V.

Kiss of Caution

I initially thought I would not like this one much. The TSS site photos showed something that looked much more pigmented than it ended up being, when applied. The coral is muted, and instead what I got was a coral-pink-ish ultra pastel. This really does look good next to my eyes (just about any neutral or cooler orange shade does, since that's the complimentary color to blue.)

Kiss of Creativity

Aqua. Aqua, aqua, aqua. But not screaming aqua. More like a very slight aqua-mintgreen-white. I initiallly had this one on my 'too pigmented' list as well. The color looks pretty, and even though blue eyeshadow with blue eyes doesn't always work well, I think this will do quite nicely. I can especially see applying this color under sheer reds and purples - to brighten the color, and cool them down a little.

Kiss of Fantasy

Melon-orange white. I didn't know how I'd react to this one. The Kiss of Caution looks better on me than Fantasy; but

Kiss of Luxury

Silver pearl. This was another one that initially made me think, "Meh" until I saw it swatched. The finish is lovely, the color is softest dove grey.

Kiss of Novelty

This was one of my first choices. I saw the photo, read the description, and thought that I'd probably end up getting this one in fullsize. It's a blue, but not too bright a blue; so it works as a nice cooling anchor.

Kiss of Practicality

Taupe bisque white. This is closest in color to the discontinued Go-To Girls, where most of the other shades in this collection have more color to them. The name certainly fits :D

Kiss of Reality

Another one I was absolutely sure I wouldn't like. Yellows and I have this agreement: I will be exceedingly cautious in applying them, and in return they will refrain from making me look jaundiced. It's a good arrangement. This soft yellow-white almost doesn't fall into that prohibition, though, having more of the "white" in it than the "yellow".

Kiss of That

Kiss of This

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