First Impressions: CND’s Flirtation collection (Vinylux)

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I have been looking forward to getting my hands on these colors since I first saw bottle- and manicure-pictures on the CND Instagram account! There's one repromote color and seven new ones. Since the repromote is a shade I wasn't wild about to begin with (clay-orange) I didn't buy that one…but I did get all of the others. There are two blues, two pinks, one each of yellow, orange, and purple. The orange and the blue are the deepest shades in the collection, but this isn't just another set of pastels, nor are they totally summer-brights.

First Impressions: CND’s Flirtation collection (Vinylux)

There are six cremes and one micro-flake finish. (Not sure exactly what to call it…but it's like Wild Moss: there's texture and light reflection, but it isn't microglitter or sparkle, and the color doesn't change.) Date Night is the boldest color of the whole set, and it looks a little out of place! Still, it's a pretty shade. Be Demure is the color I skipped out on. It looks like a nice enough pink, a pretty shade, but it isn't unique enough for me to want to snag it. Pink Pursuit leans slightly coral-ish, and is a little deeper than Be Demure. Skin Tease is a softer-but-not-sheer peach-buff. Honey Darlin' is a less faded than Sunbleached, with very faint gold-brown undertones. Aqua-intance is a turquoise cream. Date Night is a medium cerulean creme that looks similar to Zoya's Edie. Lavender Lace is a medium lavender with that interesting light-catching finish.

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First Impressions: CND’s Flirtation collection (Vinylux) CND Flirtation: Pink Pursuit CND Flirtation: Skin Tease CND Flirtation: Honey Darlin' CND Flirtation: Aqua-intance CND Flirtation: Date Night CND Flirtation: Lavender Lace
I've already work Honey Darlin, and I love the color and the formula. It applies very well! I'm so glad that CND added this shade to their lineup. I can't decide if my next color will be Lavender Lace, or Pink Pursuit. I like both shades - I may go with Lavender Lace just to see how that finish looks outside of the bottle.

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