First Impressions: Meow’s new X colors

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First Impressions: Meow’s new X colors

Back in 2011, Meow Cosmetics released the X collection into their Halloween shop, and only makes it available once a year, as a seasonal offering. In January 2016, they added five colors to commemorate the 25-year-anniversary miniseries.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

First Impressions: Meow’s new X colors

I immediately gravitated toward the two blues! Believe is a taupe/slate/teal mixture that makes a great liner shade. Trust No 1 is a more saturated, clear deep blue with some gold duotone (not as strong as Hopeless, from the End of Days collection.) There's a warmer and a cooler purple, and a medium-olive green. All five colors have the standard strong color payoff and easy application. Both of the blues will stain your skin, though, so make sure to use a primer.

As of today, the entire collection - including these additions - is available for purchase at Meow's webstore. Which of these colors got your immediate attention?

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