First Impressions: NYX’s Simply Lip Creams

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I am late to the party on these…I didn't really notice these until this past holiday season, when I spotted one of the holiday sets at a nearby drugstore. Out of curiosity, I picked them up and tried them out. They were fairly decent - not amazing, not horrid, good colors and easy application, but just a little bit too…soft. And, for the nude and pink, a bit prone to fading. I wasn't sure what to think of them, so I found that not only were there more sets, but there were individual colors available, and that some of these colors looked like shades that would work a bit better on me.

First Impressions: NYX’s Simply Lip Creams

Turns out, not only do some of the deeper pinks work better, the color stays longer. I don't know that I'd call them “stains,” but the color stays in place a bit longer than the palest pink, which was one of the first colors I tried.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

First Impressions: NYX’s Simply Lip Creams

I like the packaging. The clear plastic lids click into place, so that you know you've closed them. The barrels are about the same diameter as the Revlon Colorburst Balmstains. The barrels are not quite the same colors - the pink ones are all varying shades of pink, the nudes are all varying shades of brown/peach - but they're not so different that it's easy to tell the colors apart. (So the clear plastic caps are helpful, because you can actually see the color.)

The product is a bit on the softer side, so I appear to be going through one “tube” more rapidly than I go through a lipstick or a balmstain. If your lips are super dry or chapped, that's going to be magnified - and while there are a few quasi-pearl finishes among the Vamp shades, most of these are matte/cream finish. I didn't detect any taste or scent to the product, not minty nor vanilla-ish nor even chemical (like Milani's lipsticks.)

These are about USD$6.50 apiece, which is kind of steep for a softer, more-quickly-used product that isn't a longwearing stain. If you buy one of the sets, you can essentially get one pencil free…but that can mean buying a color you don't want or won't wear. Still, NYX isn't a prestige brand, so it won't ever be excluded from any Ulta coupons.

In the year-plus that these have been out, have you tried them? Been interested in trying them?

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