First look at Aromaleigh’s White Riot

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First look at Aromaleigh’s White Riot

In my last Aromaleigh order, I received a sample of Whiteriot, from the Sonic Eyes collection. (Nice timing, since I had been debating buying either of the white shades from that collection.) Today, with an entire day spent sitting at the computer as my one and only plan, I decided to actually try wearing this.

It's been five hours since I applied it. Most of the white pigment on my eyelids is gone - this happens with any shadow I wear when I don't put down some kind of base first, so I'm not overly concerned about that bit. I did like the bright white pigment, and how it lightened the brow when I blended it up. But…there was a lot of glitz with this color. Going on five hours, and my eyes and cheeks still look like the aftermath of a pixie's sneeze.

Note to self: use sealant, like they recommend. (But yeah. I'm going to get this color.)

Edit: going on nine hours since initial application. I'm still sparkling like a Mormon vampire. Lot of glitz in this color…but still, I'm looking forward to adding it to my collection.

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