Free worldwide shipping at Meow Cosmetics this weekend

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Free worldwide shipping at Meow Cosmetics this weekend

If you've ever wanted to order from Meow Cosmetics but been daunted by the high price of shipping, this is the weekend to place your order (especially for all those foundation samples...) Full details in their newsletter, but here's the gist:

Free Shipping on all orders over $25, worldwide. No Code Required, just choose FREE SHIPPING in the cart at checkout!
**sale ends Sunday 2/20/11 at midnight EST**

Put the words "TOP SECRET" in the message field of your order when you check out and receive a FREE sample of our upcoming "Supernatural" brow highlight collection!

I personally recommend:

  • Breakfast at Kitty's - from their IdealEyes collection
  • Sand Dune or Nile - from their Egyptian Treasures collection
  • Melopomene or Thalia - from their Sunless Sea collection
  • Glow Powder in Morganite or Moonstone from their Crystalline Cat Tinted Glow collection
  • and of course several foundation samples so that you can find your perfect match (I use Pampered Puss/Frisky Chausie, but have tried Himalayan and Sphynx before finding the most appropriate color match.) They have a BE color match chart on the Foundations page, so if you know your BE match you can use that as a starting point.

I haven't tried too many of their blushes, except ones from the various seasonal collections, so I can't make any recommendations there. The blushes I have from them are good quality, though (Canna and Sugarplums.)

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