Friday Miscellany: The Re-shoot Project

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I've been busy lately with a self-appointed task: I want to re-photo all of my old eyeshadows with my new camera, so that a) they have better-quality photographs and b) so that they all have the little montages that I've created with a detail shot, dry-over-primer, foiled, and (rarely, but I'm getting to it I swear) on the lid. This is long and involved, and it isn't helped by my periodic attempts to go buy more shadows (and I'm behind on some company reviews too!) which just adds to the backlog of New Shadows To Be Swatched.

Yesterday I finally pulled out all my other shadows, and sorted them. So now everything is grouped by color, in containers marked “Done”, “To Be Done” (new shadows which as of yet have no entry on the site at all), and “Needs Montage”; and I'm all ready to resume The Massive Swatch Project From Beyond.

Friday Miscellany: The Re-shoot Project

For those who also have an inner vestigial statistician-gnome who delights in knowing such things: the breakdown is roughly 15 cases of the entire collection is in the Shiny New Format, 8 cases of the collection needs to be put into the Shiny New Format, and 8 cases of the collection is as of yet not on the site. 30 cases, sixteen still to do. I still have more than half of my ginormous collection to swatch and photograph in some fashion. But on the upside, there are eight of them that are older shadows that already have a site entry (just an utterly shite photo) so I don't have to kill myself getting those done.

The color breakdown is roughly:
5 cases of red (2.5 done, 1.5 new, 1 to be reshot)
2 cases of orange (1 done, 1 to be reshot)
3 cases of yellow (2 done, 1 to be reshot)
3 cases of green (2 done, 1 to be reshot)
5 cases of blue (2 done, 2 new, 1 to be reshot)
5 cases of purple (2 done, 2 new, 1 to be reshot)
5 cases of brown (2 done, 1 new, 2 to be reshot)
3 cases of black/white (1 done, 1 new, 1 to be reshot)

I've learned some more things on this latest organizational spree. That I do have a hell of a lot of red/pink, purple, and brown eyeshadows, but that I've also got a lot of blues and more greens than I thought. I have far more yellows than I thought, too, which is nice in a weird way. I don't have as many orange eyeshadows, which is a little odd considering how well they accent my eyecolor; but the oranges that I do have, I like quite a lot. There aren't too many regret-purchases in the orange bucket.

While sorting through my back catalogue, I found some shadows that I'd had for quite a while, that I'd never ever photographed. I'm not quite sure how that happened. It wasn't a lot - maybe two dozen at most - but considering how methodical I normally am, it was a bit odd to find the occasional shadow, here and there, that had not been swatched and photographed.

I have very much missed the Cinderella Dumped Her Fella eyeshadows, from The SheSpace. I bought these during the collection's initial release and its first re-release, so the color quality and payoff was fairly good. (During the final days of TSS, when the collection was released again, the color payoff…suffered somewhat. People who purchased from that re-released collection based on the reviews of those who had bought the colors years before must have wondered about our sanity, or our honesty, or both, when they swatched the shadows they received.)

I have enough cream and gel liners to last…well, quite a damn while, is what. That doesn't even begin to get into the UD pencils that I have. Which I love, don't get me wrong. But I have LOTS of these things. I'm good for quite a while.

I've been toying with creating eyeshadow charts. People sometimes say that they have trouble putting colors together to create a look. My problem is more often color placement. I can combine colors with very few missteps, but anything beyond the most basic color placement is a bit beyond me. I think the fact that I have hooded eyes doesn't help, because some of the more artistic looks people create will essentially be invisible on my lids, and I don't see putting that much work into something that people will only see for a fraction of a second when I blink. That's if they're paying attention to my eyelids, which most often they're not.

After the eyeshadows come the blushes. I have lots of those to do, and I want to re-do all of the older ones. Because yes, I'm that much of an organizational perfectionist.

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