Fyrinnae: Round II

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About a year ago I placed my first order with Fyrinnae. Despite seeing lots of enthusiasm from people whose opinions I trusted, I had hesitated to buy from their web site for various reasons: it was frequently closed, I had problems getting an order to place, and then the kicker: it was black. I have a less easy time judging colors when they're either on or surrounded by a dark background. If the page is edged in a dark color? Not a problem. Darker header and footer? Not a problem. Pale center color but not white (like palest blue, palest grey, palest pink, palest brown)? Not so much of a problem if it's truly near-white. But I just don't feel like I can really see and accurately judge colors when they're against a black background. So despite the raves, I didn't order from them. And then, after a hellish time trying to place an order, I finally got about 15 samples of various colors. The quality was good, turnaround time was a teeny bit long (three weeks) but it clearly stated that on the site…but they colors weren't a whole lot different than colors I'd gotten from other companies. They weren't dupes, I just wasn't seeing anything amazingly special or different in any of these colors.

Fyrinnae: Round II

They behaved a bit like my Aromaleigh colors: similar pigmentation levels, similar adhesion, similar behavior when I applied them wet. All of these are good points, the product quality is definitely strong and it's excellent value for the money…but since I was half-expecting something dramatically different from Fyrinnae because of others' enthusiasm for the products, not seeing that “something different” was kind of like being a kid at Christmas. There was all that build-up for The Amazing New Toy, which - when opened and assembled with all the blinkenlightzen and everything - was pretty much like your old toys. I wasn't even seeing a great amount of colorshift in the Arcane Magic samples I'd ordered, and I'd really been looking forward to that. (I really dislike any colors that will only show their full effects if you use a certain product to apply them. That just pisses me off. It feels gimmicky. Plus, the two times I tried Pixie Epoxy I strongly disliked the way the product felt on my lids.) Then, about a week ago, I decided to give them another try.

It never really sat well with me that the web site's background color seemed to be my biggest factor in not ordering from this company. It seems like such a silly, arbitrary, baseless decision (unlike my absolute and definitive aversion to Thai food, because fish sauce smells like sweaty socks and there's no way anyone can convince me that food should smell like that.)

This time around, I didn't run into the site glitches that I ran into previously: I was able to have multiple browser tabs open, items stayed in my cart once I put them there, things seemed to be going better. They had a prominent notice on the front saying that turnaround time would take about 26-28 business days, which wasn't thrilling…but for a year I've had these Fyrinnae sample jars sitting in front of me, staring me in the face as I'm on the computer (which I am for 10-12 hours a day) saying “Either place another order or just toss us already, geez, what's the deal?” (Some of the colors are no longer on the site: Helena and Demetrius, Farseer, +20 Beautification…) I figure it will be tax day before my order arrives. I did get two Arcane Magic shades; but aside from Faerie Glamour, whose base color I like, the other shade I got was Conjurer. I figure that will make an interesting liner shade, color-changing effects or no.

I don't know for sure if I'll ever reach the heights of enthusiasm for this particular company that others have. I especially don't love the long lead time: yes, I realize that there are 700 orders ahead of me. But now that Aromaleigh v1's closed, Morgana's eyeshadow collections are delayed, and with no new collection from Shiro since their move to the new warehouse, I figured I'd take this dinky paycheck from a freelance writing gig and see if I can't find some of the love that so many others seem to have for this company.

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