Fyrinnae’s Blush collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Fyrinnae
  • Availability: through the webstore; original release dates unknown
  • Contains: ten blushes
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6.50 for approximately 6 grams; $1.50 per sample
  • Would you purchase again: individual colors, yes
Fyrinnae’s Blush collection

I don’t remember accurately; but I think that these might have been temporarily unavailable for about nine months, most of 2011. (But like I said, I don’t remember.) All I know for sure is: these were available in 2012; and there were Fyrinnae blushes available in previous years but I don’t know the names or prices of the earlier collections, or if they differed from what was available beginning in 2012.

The site copy notes that these blushes are all designed to give color rather than shimmer - which, personally, is a nice switch from lots of blushes that give a very sheer wash of color with more shimmer than pigmentation. Yes, blush is not supposed to be a swath of opaque color, unless you're going for Kabuki or mid-1980s makeup styles. But it's nice to have a bit more color, and in a range of shades. There are a few blushes in the collection that I'm not interested in trying because they're not shades that I favor using for blushes. Many of the blushes contain lakes and dyes; each blush is marked on the site as to whether or not it is lip- and eye-safe as well as being suitable for use as a blush.

This collection contained:

  • Bewitching — mauve-lilac sheen
  • Captivate — gilded russet-peach shimmer
  • Charm — intense cool pink sheen
  • Enchant — soft light pink-peach shimmer
  • Enrapture — tanned mauve-rose sheen
  • Mesmerize — medium berry sheen
  • Mystify — soft russet-brown sheen
  • Seduce — cool lilac-mauve sheen
  • Spellbound — brick-russet sheen
  • Temptation — deep plum sheen

I have Bewitching, Captivate, Charm, Enchant, Enrapture, Mesmerize, and Seduce. Mesmerize is my favorite bolder shade from this collection, and Charm is my favorite "everyday" blush. I may try a mini size of Temptation at some point...but it may be a little too dark for me. I'm not all that interested in Mystify or Spellbound, which look too brown for my preferences. I was initially a little worried about Enchant being too peachy, but then decided: try it. If it is too peachy by itself, I can layer it under a sheer wash of pink or light fuchsia.

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