Fyrinnae’s Dia de los Muertos collection

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  • Manufacturer: Fyrinnae
  • Availability: beginning fall 2010 through the webstore
  • Contains: nine eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$5.90 per 3-gram jar; $2 per 1/3 teaspoon sample
  • Would you purchase again: individual colors, yes
Fyrinnae’s Dia de los Muertos collection

When this originally released, I was sort of interested in Sugar Skulls and Te Amo, but since I’d previously had difficulties catching Fyrinnae’s site when they were open, I didn’t rush right out to buy. This collection was small, but contained a number of really gorgeous colors - the one Arcane Magic color was amazing, and the other shades were a mixture of jeweltoned shimmers and quasi-duochromes.

By the time I did place my Great Big Order, about 7 months after this collection was released, Dance Macabre was no longer available through the site - at all. (I don’t know why it was no longer available, but my personal guess is going to be “raw material discontinuation". That’s the most frequent reason for an indie makeup company discontinuing an item so soon after its debut.) I had La Noche on my wishlist, but decided that I had enough blackened blues. I decided against Catrina Cabaret because in the swatches I could find online, it looked less interesting to me than Calavera Cupcakes. I did get all of the other colors, though. Madam and Eve is an amazing colorshifting shadow, Eternal Innocence is a wonderful lush emerald green, and Sacred is one of my new favorite neutrals.

This collection contained:

  • Arcane Magic: Madam and Eve — blackened violet with blue-green sparkle
  • Calavera Cupcakes — metallic silvered lilac-pink shimmer
  • Catrina Cabaret — metallic purple with blue and pink shimmer
  • Dance Macabre —
  • Eternal Innocence — vivid emerald green shimmer
  • La Noche — blackened sapphire blue shimmer
  • Sacred — metallic gold-taupe shimmer
  • Sugar Skulls — medium coral pink with gold shimmer
  • Te Amo — copper foil shimmer

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