Fyrinnae’s Halloween 2015 collection

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  • Manufacturer: Fyrinnae
  • Availability: released in autumn 2015 and added to the regular line; available through the webstore
  • Contains: seven eyeshadows and three lip colors
  • Cost/Amount: eyeshadows: USD$6.75 for 3 grams; $2.75 for 1/3 teaspoon
  • Would you purchase again: individual colors, yes
Fyrinnae’s Halloween 2015 collection

All of the eyeshadows were classed as Arcane Magics - that is, the base shade changes slightly depending on lighting. I liked some of these just for the base colors. I passed by the lip colors because I’m not personally a fan of liquid lip shades, but if you like the shades themselves my (limited) experience with Fyrinnae liquid lip colors is that they apply well and stay in place, and that the color payoff is solid.

Like all Fyrinnae collections, these are NOT limited edition, so you can still get any or all of these colors today, a year after their initial release.

This collection contained:

  • Arcane Magic: Abandoned Hotel — mustard-yellow with turquoise-to-pink shimmer
  • Arcane Magic: Canterville Chase — brown with strong green-blue interference shimmer
  • Arcane Magic: Lady Glamis — blackened purple sparkle
  • Arcane Magic: Lost Lenore — rose-purple with green shimmer
  • Arcane Magic: Predjama Castle — pewter-lilac duochrome shimmer
  • Arcane Magic: Shipwreck — deep blue-violet with green shimmer
  • Arcane Magic: The Alchemist — deep violet-blue with turquoise interference shimmer
  • Arcane Magic: Yurei's Wrath — bright red-orange satin
  • Cauldron Smoke (matte liquid lipstick)
  • Phantasma Lip Lustre
  • Wraith Lip Lustre

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