Happy 2014!!

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One set of milestones down, another group on deck.

Happy 2014!!

In 2013 I:

  1. slowed my beauty spending considerably
  2. got more than half of my ginormous backlog photographed and swatched, and posts prepped and scheduled
  3. made tweaks to my skincare routine, including the final firm switch from powder foundation to liquid BB cream (from Meow to Missha, for those who are interested.)
  4. learned to tightline
  5. finally figured out how best to apply blush to my cheekbone and facial structure
  6. finished getting all of my older TSS and BE posts into the new database
  7. didn't post any makeup looks

In 2014 I want to:

  1. go on a 90-day spending ban, beginning January 1. We're all using the Twitter hashtag #90daysnospending. From tomorrow through the end of March 2014, I will not buy any new beauty products, and will minimize the number of "replacements" I buy. (I have enough shampoo, exfoliant scrub, cleanser, conditioner, body lotion to keep me quite well supplied for a long time. And one of my favorite indie vendors is going on sabbatical. So there's several temptations put away.)
  2. Use more of the items I have. Like everyone, I tend to fall into habits. I'll take out a handful of eyeshadows, and use those six or seven colors every day for a month. This is sometimes about finding favorite combinations, but it's also about getting into a set routine and not always breaking out of it. Corollary to the spending ban, is rediscovering my current makeup stash. I don't think I'm ready to try what I tried in 2009/2010, where I tried using all of my eyeshadows once over the course of a year. But I do have a plan...and you're all invited.
  3. Post more looks. I've started the 2014 Blogger Lookbook, with the twin goals of a) posting a look a week; and b) drawing from a different palette, kit or collection each week. A look a day might be a little too much, especially as I've still got my regular posts scheduled PLUS some backlog-clearance. And...um...I own a few more shadows in 2013 than I did in 2009.
  4. I was going to say "totally get rid of my product photo backlog", but for a beauty blogger (and especially for this one), that's not realistic. Let's say "get it down to 30 items and keep it below that line through the end of 2014." (For the skeptical, my current backlog includes the 20+ Urban Decay eyeliner pencils I haven't yet photographed, the dozen-or-so nail polishes awaiting their debut manicures, and the 150~ish eyeshadows. With eyeliners, brushes, blushes, glow powders, and nail polishes, I think that 30 items is a doable goal...even for me. I think.)

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