How I spent my Labor Day weekend

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Please pardon the gaps...

The site is in mid-migration now (manual migration of over 7,000 entries, so there's a lot to be done.) The entry stubs are created for older content, but for the most part, the actual content isn't there quite yet. I am working on it. Unfortunately I have no ETA. But feel free to link to any page! When the content does get populated, the URL will stay the same.

How I spent my Labor Day weekend

General news roundup, because I've spent my weekend alternately working on the site or curled up with a headache. Yes, PAX was fun…but I apparently brought home a wee tiny dose of ConSARS.

Aromaleigh will be re-opening (for US shipping only) on September 18th. All remaining inventory is being tallied and counts are being posted on the blog and Twitter. I've gotten every color I wanted from Aromaleigh, so won't be able to take advantage of their super-closing-sale price of $4 a pot for all eye colors; but then again, I won't have the problem of placing an order, and then waiting breathlessly to see if my order got into the queue ahead of everyone else who wanted one of the last 15 pots of that color. (The owner has asked people not to fill up their carts before the final push, as that will muck up their inventory counts. But I'll bet that there are more than a few pre-filled carts just waiting for the opening buzzer. I do not envy the Aromaleigh staff.) As a side note, I found a quick little indication (on Kaboodle, source of photographs and kit lists and all kinds of stuff) that Aromaleigh has apparently only been shipping internationally since 2008. Since 2008!! That's not a very long time, folks. Even if that started in January 2008, that means that international folks could only partake of Aromaleigh goodies for 2.5 years. Wow.

With Aromaleigh closing, and Everyday Minerals getting rid of all their kits and shuffling their lines again (sample sizes discontinued, beauty perks cut to 25% only, teases of a reselling program, and - ugh - rollerball packaging), I've spent time getting “official-photography” pics of all kits and collections, and have added those to the various kit/collection writeups. Part of that is so that if I haven't yet taken a picture of my products, people coming to the site can still see what the colors looked like. Part of that was also to see just how different some of the professional photographs are, versus the products in a “normal human” setting. (If anyone - ANYONE - can find me “official-photography” pictures of the Aromaleigh Angels…yayz, because I'd love to add that to my site, even if only the seven colors I got from that collection. All I can find are the swatch-shots, and I was hoping for the circle-pics that were on the blog for a while.)

On Sunday, after I finished at PAX, I went to the downtown Sephora…and didn't find much that interested me. (That right there should have been my first indicator that I was Coming Down With Something.) I swatched Urban Decay's Ransom, and while it looked like a pretty quasi-iridescent on Sirvinya's blog, on my wrist under that store's lighting it was a nice but fairly straightforward purple. So there's $17 that I was ready to spend but didn't. I did find some more additions to the Sephora-brand line: waterproof smoky cream liners, $10 for 4.5 grams. Not bad, even if their initial color range is a bit limited. I got one to try out. I also saw some new-ish toys by Make Up For Ever: Aqua Cream colors for eyes, cheeks, and lips. They come in large-ish pots, similar in size to MAC paint pots…except in plastic pots (which is a wee bit declasse for $22, donchathink?) I'm going to check into ingredients, costs, quantities, longevity, et cetera. I may get a pot or two next summer when I'm in Atlanta - because The Great Shopping Expedition is being planned, and accordingly saved for. While I was downtown, I also stopped by Sally Beauty. They had three of the China Glaze Vintage Vixen colors in stock, and two of them were ones that I didn't want…and they were $5 a bottle. Forget that, I can get the colors for less through the etailers - and they'll have everything in stock! Bah.

Off to bed now. This morning I kept going to sleep “just for another 15 minutes” that ended up stretching out to four hours. I finally rolled out of bed at around 11am, which is quite unusual for me. I'm definitely a diurnal creature (not a morning person; but diurnal, as opposed to nocturnal. Past about 10pm, the brain begins to wind down. I become less of a scintillating conversationalist and more of an “attentive listener”.)

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